[CR]Suspicious bid history on Ebay auction?

Example: Racing:Wayne Stetina

From: "David Snyder" <dddd@pacbell.net>
To: "Classic Rendezvous" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2007 09:43:59 -0800
Subject: [CR]Suspicious bid history on Ebay auction?

Having not really taken notice of the appearance of bid history lists in the past, I am suddenly concerned by what looks like a fixed bidding from a seller who dumped a bunch of good vintage bikes yesterday afternoon on Ebay. I am wondering if this could be part of a hijacked account scheme, with possibly no shipment to follow.

All of the several other bidders are alphanumeric with 5 digits, the three middle digits are stars (*). Also, I was the FIRST bidder to reach the reserve price, and it looks like I "underpaid" a bit.

Seller has 900 sales w/good feedback, but no bikes before. I recall seeing several (many, actually) bikes listed by this buyer yesterday, but can't find ANY HINT of any of those sales online today. Is that because they haven't been given feedback yet? (those auctions all (but one) ended last night). The auctions were exceptionally well done, yet much wording was common to each auction.

I'll try to copy the bid history below.

Anybody else who's come across such circumstances, and would care to comment, I would greatly appreciate input before sending out my $800+. At the same time, I don't wish to delay payment and default on my obligation.

I sent an Email requesting shipping details but as yet have only received the automatic invoice. Seller is in L.A., and offered to allow on-site viewing, but if he (she?) never replied to requests to view them, that means nothing. I plan to now request that the seller call me.

As I write this, seeing how everything adds up, I am becoming increasingly convinced something likely isn't right.

David Snyder Auburn, CA

Bidders:7Total Bids:13Time Ended:Nov-25-07 15:55:51 PST davetire, you're the winner! Only actual bids (not automatic bids generated up to a bidder's maximum) are shown. Automatic bids may be placed days or hours before a listing ends. Learn more about bidding. Bidder Bid Amount Bid Time

davetire( 253) US $724.99 Nov-25-07 15:55:46 PST

davetire( 253) US $700.00 Nov-25-07 15:55:18 PST

davetire( 253) US $625.00 Nov-25-07 15:55:07 PST

t***h( 166) US $600.00 Nov-25-07 14:29:13 PST

t***h( 166) US $500.00 Nov-25-07 14:24:22 PST

n***r( 362) US $400.00 Nov-25-07 15:45:09 PST

n***r( 362) US $350.00 Nov-25-07 15:44:12 PST

e***-( 350) US $322.55 Nov-25-07 12:46:24 PST

t***h( 166) US $300.00 Nov-25-07 14:23:56 PST

5***e( 460) US $250.00 Nov-25-07 06:46:00 PST

d***a( 48) US $222.00 Nov-22-07 16:05:23 PST

5***e( 460) US $200.00 Nov-25-07 06:45:51 PST

m***r( 110) US $130.00 Nov-23-07 07:08:17 PST

Starting Price US $99.99 Nov-20-07 15:55:51 PST

If you and another bidder placed the same bid amount, the earlier bid takes priority. You can retract your bid under certain circumstances only.