Re: [CR]What is the correct QR for the Normandy Luxe hubset?

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Date: Tue, 27 Nov 2007 00:39:41 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]What is the correct QR for the Normandy Luxe hubset?

By around the middle 1970s, the Normandy hubs were found with a number of different Q/R skewers.

I would not rule out the "M.M.ATOM" flat lever skewers which Nick mentioned.

And, for the lower range bike models the unique early Simplex levers were still seen. However what I began to see in US shops by the early to mid 1970s was often newer style Simplex skewers. - First with Flat levers and later slightly Curved similar versions.

The less expensive Normandy "Sport" hubs often had skewers marked"JUY SIMPLEX" which were extremely similar to the Campy Nuovo Tipo style. Knurled steel end nuts and a very ornate flat the lever arms which were attached with circlips.

The Normandy "Competition" had similar, but with somewhat lighter weight end nuts, often even crowned with plastic wings. These too were dead ringers for flat lever Campy Record skewers, and like those skewers these too had the fancy "JUY SIMPLEX" rip-off of the Campy levers. But, these used Record-style cap head (acorn) nuts to hold the lever arms.

The Maillard 700 hubs of the later 70s (which replaced the Normandy Comp) used curved levers with "M.M.ATOM" on one side of the lever and "MAILLARD" on the other. And, by the 1980s these same Maillard hubs were more commonly using the "SPIEDEL" levers, and these all definitely had plastic capped end nuts, and curved levers.

Really, I'd seen so many different variations and combinations on brand new bikes during the 1970s, I suspect they were often simply matched at the various bike factories using whatever skewers they had big supplies of at the time.


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