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Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 21:51:53 EST
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More on shipping...

I just got a quote to ship a 35lb bike box from CA to SC and Fedex came back with $54 for ground service and $500 insurance. This was with a box under the 130" girth + length limit. Now with a heavier or larger box you can expect to pay more.

This is what I meant by internal packing...

1) Cardboard or foam tubes to wrap the frame tubing 2) Plastic fork spacer bar taped in place. Otherwise forks will puncture bottom of box. 3) Derailleur protector (plastic) 4) Caps to put on hubs ends - to keep them from puncturing side of box 5) Plastic bags to wrap small loose parts (skewers, pedals, etc. then placed in small box) 6) Plastic bag and triangular box to protect seat. Also cap to cover end of seat post if left attached to seat. 7) I use plenty of plastic ties and foam tubes to protect anything touching (i.e. front wheel against side of frame). 8) I reduce the pressure in the tires to maybe 15psi just to add a little cushion vs. a rigid 100 psi tire.

I've had great success with this method evidenced by just 1-2 damaged bikes out of maybe 40 shipped in the last 6 years. The 2 damages were due to the carriers neglect and claims were paid.


Ken Drescher Greenville, SC USA

In a message dated 11/28/2007 4:35:31 P.M. Eastern Standard Time, OROBOYZ writes:

Hi Ken:

Good summary and it parallels my experience (except where you write "...west coast usually costs about $45-50..." I think rates are higher right now & nudging up everyday. I just paid $83 for a pretty light bike to go to Michigan.)

<< 4) Learn how to safely pack the bike using internal packing materials. Without them you are almost assured damage will occur during shipment. Also, a carrier will easily deny a claim with poor internal packing. >>

What do you mean here? Special tricks inside the box?

Thanks Dale

Dale Brown Greensboro, North Carolina USA

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