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Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2007 13:52:41 -0500
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A nice recollection - and one which immediately reminded me of my recent (first) visit to NYC after riding the "Iron Cross" Cyclo Cross in PA.

The NYC visit was my wife's 'part' of the vacation - having spent the previous weekend in the Michaux State Forest with me and over two hundred US 'Cross fiends - a very nice bunch incidentally.

Anyways - the NYC visit had to include a trip to 'Ground Zero'?but I was able to divert the missus temporarily a few blocks away to a Bike Shop I had seen mentioned in the Lonely Planet guide - Gotham Bikes.

I only mention this because although they major in modern Carbon and Aluminium street racers, MTBs and?steel cruisers etc. they also have a?really nice selection of old European Trade Jerseys hanging on the walls out of harm's way - and not for sale. These were clearly period pieces and not modern replicas incidentally.

Worth a visit if you're in Downtown Manhattan, and?I wonder if this was the LBS mentioned in the story 'cos I couldn't find any others near the former WTC site?

Ian Briggs
Luton Bedfordshire, UK.