Pagnini progress report Re: [CR]Pagnini, answer to earlier question.

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Subject: Pagnini progress report Re: [CR]Pagnini, answer to earlier question.
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2007 06:55:12 -0800

These are the clues I have so found far about Pagnini:

1. The bike has Italian flags all over it 2. CR member Mark Agree showed us a Pagnini stem he got from Florence 3. The Pagnini has fleur de lys cut outs in the lugs and in the head tube decal. Fleur de lys in a prominent icon in Florence and is part of that city's coat of arms 4. There is a Pagnini hotel in Florence owned by, yes, the CINELLI family 5. The model of the bike I am researching is the MONTREAL. Marinoni of Quebec knows nothing of this bike, so it's not a sub-brand made for the Canadian market. 6. The Montreal uses Columbus tubing 7. Yes there is a Pagani as well. A CR member showed us a Pagani racing jersey. I have not seen a frame however.

Thanks to all those helping with this scavenger hunt,

-Josh Wallace San Carlos, CA

On Nov 5, 2007, at 3:32 AM, wrote:
> There is a Pagnini in Florence, Italy.?
> PAGANINI is the?house brand of Plum Vainquer bike shop in Ghent,
> Belgium, but was probably outsourced to Italy.
> There also may be a Pagani in Italy.?
> Lou Deeter, Orlando FL