Re: [CR] Help remove a Maillard 5spd from a S-A 3-spd hub

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Date: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 10:48:11 -0600
From: Mark Stonich <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Help remove a Maillard 5spd from a S-A 3-spd hub
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Bob, To remove a cog, or a freewheel from a threaded SA driver; Remove the driver from the hub, then put a piece of 5/16" bar stock or plate in a vice, slip the driver splines over the bar, and use the FW remover (or chain whip for a cog) in the usual manner.

5/16" can be hard to find, but 1/4" will work.

At 11/5/2007 09:32 AM -0500, wrote:
>Apparently someone attached the 4-prong driver from a Sturmey-Archer
>3-speed hub as well as the ball bearing cage and S-A axle cone onto the back
>of a 5-speed freewheel, This unit is now stuck out the back of the
>Anyone know for sure how to remove this? I assume, clamp the driver in
>a vise and then use a freewheel extractor and unscrew it counter-clockwise.
>But, I've never done a Sheldon Brown style rig like this before.
>Heck, I never would have guessed it had compatible threads!
>Wouldn't want Bob to destroy anything because of my bad advice.
>Here is a Sturmey-Archer diagram showing those parts.

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