[CR] (CR) FS - Lots of Campy, Regina, Cinelli, Everest - Updated big list here!

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From: hersefan@comcast.net
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Tue, 06 Nov 2007 04:30:34 +0000
Subject: [CR] (CR) FS - Lots of Campy, Regina, Cinelli, Everest - Updated big list here!

Hi CR list,

Lots of action on the list of stuff posted - all the chains sold out in a heartbeat. The revised list of what is available is now shown below. Note that I'll get back with you regarding shipping costs when I confirm your order. Please let me know if any questions.

Thanks! Mike Boulder Bicycle

Description# AvailPrice Exotica and the Cool and the Weird Cinelli Milano Headset lockwasher. Shows its age but writing is extremely crisp. Key is worn down a bit – but this item is just begging to go on your 50’s or 60’s Cinelli1$115 Mafac tool kit in the cool metal tin – from the 50’s? This one appears totally compete. Great retro fun.1$32 Campy NOS saddle spanner wrench.1$34 Much of a Campy Original Nuovo Record bike rebuild kit. Has some of packaging, brake cable inners and deraillieur cables, cones, and one of the bearing packages1$38 Regina tool for a monster chain – not a bicycle chain. Someones Motorcycle Chain perhaps? For the person who wants everything Regina. Includes a box in so-so condition. Never used. Never knew what to use it on!1$15

Bottom Bracket Nuovo Record Italian post-78 – complete and appears to be new or a take-off. No packaging, new sleeve and bearings. 1$88 Campy BSC 111mm bb (close match for Campy nr track) or with C-rec/Chor/Athena of a few years back. A cool ATB model with premium alloy cups and cool seals. Perhaps best 111mm bb of all? Uses 7/32 bearings which are not incl. Very nice used condition1$28 Nuovo Record BSC Post 78 New Spindle and Cup combo. Also includes new Campy ¼ balls in package. Best value in a new BSC bb!1$84 Zeus 2000? BB – 118mm spindle that appears to be steel with cups that appear to be Titanium that are marked 2000. Includes bolts that are probably steel – no bearings or sleeve or bolt washers. Nice used condtion1$60 Nuovo Record French Pre-78 cup and spindle combo. Nice used condition.1$37 Zeus 109mm Italian track? Cup and spindle combo. Appears to be new or take-off condition1$24 Campy Italian 109mm cup and spindle combo. Thin cups. Appears to be new or take-off condition. Should be perfect for track. Spindle is market 70ss but is 109mm symmetric for thin cups.1$38 Galli Roller Bearing bb for BSC – 115mm which should work great for Campy NR/SR post 78. Used – no sleeve or bolts but bearings included of course.2$34 Campy 70ssA spindle only – 111mm Italian for thick cups. Should work with 1990’s Record/Chorus/Athena cranks. Very nice used condition. Also should work with Campy NR/SR track cranks.1$18 Campy GS 70ss x 120 spindle for use with GS/NR/SR pre-78 cranks in conjunction with thin Campy cups. Spindle is new.1$18 Omas Steel bb – BSC, kinda dirty – appears complete except no bolts. 113mm for pre-78 NR/SR cranks. 1$24 Gipiemme Italian Track bb complete 110mm NOS – should be great with Campy NR/SR track cranks too!1$22 Campy GS 70ss spindle for use with GS/NR/SR post-78 cranks in conjuction with thin Campy cups. Spindle is new1$18 Nuovo Record pre-78 cup and spindle combo – dirty and seen some use, but has some reasonable life left. Has early style cups1$18 Campy GS NOS Italian bb for pre-78 GS/NR/SR cranks. Also perfect for those early pre-NR cranks from 1962-1967 except spindle is black.1$28 Campy NOS Ital 109mm spindle and Cup combo – perfect for NR track cranks on Italian bikes with 70mm shells. Later spindle markings, but if you want something new that works great, this is it.1$65

Brake Universal Brake Hood Pair – soft fresh new hoods with the gum top pieces. With the box!1$44 Universal Hood – just one – fresh and soft with the gum adjuster cover thing. If you have another, this will make your day!1$18 Campy Synterized padset in the box – think these fit some of the early Athena or chorus brake holders, but not sure. 1$14 Modern dropbolt to enable fitting of a dual pivot campy brake onto an allen front or nut rear old style frame. Not sure all washers present, but should get you going. New.1$22 Modern dropbolt to enable fitting of a dual pivot campy brake onto a nut front fork. Not sure all washers present, but should get you going. New.1$22 Campy Triumph brake lever – just one - (no hood), looks like Campy NR but with shield logo. Perfect for your fix gear? 1$17

Chain and Freewheel

Regina Oro 14-22 Freewheel. NOS – no box, but gorgeous unused condition. Splined body. BSC thread1$42 Campy 8sp off-topic Veloce cassette NOS 12-25 for Campy 8sp cassette hubs.1$25 Campy Record OR splined 32 tooth A.T.B. chainring. Might fit campy cassette hubs too? New in the bag2$22

Crank 151mm bolt circle gorgeous Campy Copy 44 tooth chainring. Gorgeous high-polish finish with near identical to Campy webbing. NOS.1$65 Early Campy NR 144mm bolt circle chainring combo. Has “patent” chainring bolts in nice shape, with 52/45 rings. Rings have early Campy writing which makes this perfect for your late 60’s restoration. Parts certainly have wear, but still very nice.1$55 Campy Prototype? Triumph crank. Has 82 in circle date stamp and high polish and came from stash of trade-show stuff from a Campy rep. 52/42 rings, very bizarre item that is new but has some shopwear.1$95 Campy NOS 110mm ATB 42 ring - great campy quality in a popular size not often “served” by Campy2$24 Campy 172.5mm Nuovo Record left hand arm. Well used and scruffy – use at own risk of course as old Campy cranks are best for display and can often break.1$12

Hub Campy NR Rear Track Axle only. New, taken from rear track axle sets that don’t have the remaining hardware.2$12 Campy complete 134mm victory rear axle set – cones should fit most Campy NR hubs. For use with typical wide 6 (not ultra) freewheels.1$15 Campy Nuovo Record Rear Cone Pair1$9

Pedal Stuff Campy Nuovo Record Toe Strap Loop pedals – great used condition. A few minor blems, but overall these would be very happy on a freshly restored frame. One of the nicest used pedal sets I’ve come across from this era. No idea about condition of grease, but the spindles spin quite nicely.1$110