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Reading this remark, I recognize a connaisseur who can further benefit from this sartorial aspiration, when next he visits his tailor.

Some would rather read expressions of faith in the fantasies of rarity from advertising departments; others feel better educated by well-shaped prose on the nature of local bicycle races and sponsorship in provincial France (or anywhere else.)

I haven't visited here long enough to know which segment of the community will better appreciate the "fit" of the prose that follows to touchiness about the species of other skin 1-2 fabric layers away from his her privates.

Funny that umbrage has been taken to pig, when a premium price for a saddle might be paid had consequent to the claim--DNA testing anyone?--that it was upholstered to "wild Tuscan boar hide"....or "fine Corinthian leather."

Harry Travis

He wore a gorgeous, lustrous suit that may have been woven from the pubic hairs of ten thousand angora rabbits. --Simon Hoggart

said Harry, stirred by: "Tam Pham" <>'s message of: Thursday 08 Nov 07 at 07:31 AM, On: Re: [CR]Exotic sadle materials [echoed below, in part<=1] -oOo- On Nov 7, 2007 1:43 PM, Nick March <> wrote:

> That saddle is made from the skin of an exotic animal known as a pig. I > used to have a briefcase made of the very same material when I was a > unsuccessful junior biscuit salesman. I'm terribly sorry if this info > affects the ebay value of the item. > >

Thank you for you very keen anecdotal insight and yet another valuable contribution to the list. I think I have a pretty good idea why you might have been unsuccessful at anything... and what eBay item might you be referring to?

Tam Pham In Huntington Beach, CA - USA

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