[CR]nobody knows - dating campagnolo tools, now some pictures

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Date: Wed, 14 Nov 2007 18:59:40 +0100
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Subject: [CR]nobody knows - dating campagnolo tools, now some pictures

Hello Mailingslist, to find out better, which date my tools could be, I've made some pictures.

The quality is not the best, because I have to photograph in a dark room w ithout flashlight. I just photographed three tools, but the other look the same. Again, they do not have a shiny look (as you can see), they were stamped w ith the campysun/world and there is no "Made in Italy" stamped. Pictures are at: http://freenet-homepage.de/pepper-band/Campagnolo/1.jpg [http://freenet-ho mepage.de/pepper-band/Campagnolo/1.jpg] http://freenet-homepage.de/pepper-band/Campagnolo/2.jpg [http://freenet-ho mepage.de/pepper-band/Campagnolo/2.jpg] http://freenet-homepage.de/pepper-band/Campagnolo/3.jpg [http://freenet-ho mepage.de/pepper-band/Campagnolo/3.jpg]

Hope that helps. Thanks everyone for answering. And also again, I need the wooden box. Does someone have one and does not need it anymore?! ;) Thanks and best regards, Max Herrmann Germany, Berlin

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In a message dated 11/13/07 9:24:14 AM, coelcanth@gmail.com writes:

> like you, i have noticed some finish difference amongst the tools and i
> suspect the duller and rougher finish to be an earlier variation (althou gh i
> do have a very early t-wrench which has a rather shiny chrome-like finis h)..
> Sorry, I disagree. My experience is that the finish is better on earlier tools. Or at least the ones that I saw in the 70s looked better. Phil Brown Not looking through rose colored glasses in San Rafael, Calif.

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