[CR]FS- Brian Baylis Frame/ Fork and extras

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2007 21:00:44 -0500
From: toddcirelli@aol.com
Subject: [CR]FS- Brian Baylis Frame/ Fork and extras

My dream of owning a Brian Baylis Frameset lasted all of two weeks when my Wife's credit card bill arrived in the mail.??To quote?Forest Gump, "that is about all I have to say about that."?

The frame is on the CR website- previously owned by?several listmembers and titled "Jet Black Roadster."? 54.5 cm square- comes with a King HS, Campy?Post, and a?Bruce Gordon chicken-neck stem- 90 and powdercoated flat black.??It has a slight ripple in the?DT, at the shifter bosses.? I have not even built it, but know from the previous?owner that it rides fine.? Aside from that, and?a hand full of very minor?paint blems, it is?excellent.? Contact me off list if you are interested and desire photos/ additional information.???

$1500 shipped to?Con-US.

Todd Cirelli
Mechanicsburg, PA