[CR]NorCal L'Eroica Reunion Pix (What! No Bianchi?)

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Date: Fri, 2 Nov 2007 11:44:18 -0700 (PDT)
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Subject: [CR]NorCal L'Eroica Reunion Pix (What! No Bianchi?)

The bikes/riders were:

Heroic Cinelli + Campy triple + gigantic tires: Dave Martinez Orange-pearl Main D'OR + 1st gen Dura Ace: Bob Freitas Cinelli C-Rec + Cobalto: Greg "Big Ring" Davis 1975 Colnago Super SCIC blue: Marc St. Martin Colin Lang + ornate lugs: Eric Meddaugh Hetchins Curly + Spence Wolf "crane" + cottered alloy TA: Randy NoLastName Thevenet-era PX-10: Brad Stockwell

Highlights of the event were Bob's you-are-there presentation of a L'Eroica DVD (viewed al fresco via laptop) and Dave's pictorama-in-stills of his Italian experience.

Dave's Cinelli still wears its Italian livery, and is protected by our lady, the Madonna D. G., via the hallowed presence of her blessed medallion. Yet just in case, any impediments to forward progress are first confronted by the stern imperviousness of the Cinelli shield gleeming atop a formidable all-steel bar and stem combination.

Bob, who has not been observed to ride the same bike twice, came atop a Kessels-built Main D'Or. This bike has an Ishiwata 022 tubing sticker, the first one I've ever seen (the Zeus catalogs list this tubing option but it must be rare). The bike has a foil down-tube Kessels sticker, just like on Eddie's Fiat team bikes. The pearl-orange with gold lug lining reminded some of us of the ravishing Centurion/Takara/Soma paint jobs of the 70s.

Greg's bike, which I seem to have no photos of, stands out as not yet having lost those little blue things on the brakes.

Eric's Colin Lang has extremely ornate lugs, hand-painted insignia, and short-short Campy rear dropouts with XL attaching tabs. The bike also has one of those cool SR seatposts with all the extra milling -- I think they were called Extra Super Light, or Royal, or something that sounds like that.

Marc rode a crisp and clean SCIC-blue Colnago. After some of last week's discussions I was almost refreshed by its lack of gratuitous panto.

Randy said he bought his Hetchins while in High School in 1969 and rode it for a few years, then stowed it for a few decades. He said it had been stored under his house until a month ago. He had never heard of CR and was roped into the ride by Greg, who spotted the curly stays while en route to the rendezvous point and pounced.

My PX-10 is somewhat marred by the presence of purple Bullseye pulleys. These were installed after the third *&^%$# Simplex pulley in a row failed by shattering into tiny crumbs. I intend to pimp out this PX with the lurid gold Simplex/Mafac items I've been storing on my placeholder Gitane -- but something innocent about the bike thus far stays my hand.

I have posted to WoolJersey (thanks Morgan!) my somewhat low-resolution photos:


Brad Stockwell Palo Alto

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