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Likewise, I have had good experiences with Nick Tithecott. It is difficult using his site however and a pictorial catalogue would make all the difference. I do know that he is extremely busy but still offered to reproduce decals for me if I provided the artwork in EPS format. I believe that he concentrates on supplying trade/finishers; for the cost of a single decal I can imagine the time is not best well spent. During a visit to Vaz Finishes Mario had a folder of most of the catalogue in black and white copies, very interesting viewing. Since starting the Decals2000 eBay store I have purchased some minor items and been very satisfied. Best regards Julius Naim London, UK

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> Regarding doing business with Nick Tithecott of Lloyds Cycles, I
> think this
> is another of those things we read about on CR where experiences
> differ. I
> have had ten or more transfer and parts transactions with Nick, all
> great,
> timely responses to my emails, a willingness to engage in back-and-
> forth
> emails with me as I seek clarification, good turnaround, etc. I'm not
> negating the experiences of others in saying this, just offering my
> experience for your information.
> Peter
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