RE: [CR]"There will be a small cycle jumble, too" My lack ofunderstanding of some European cycling terms

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Subject: RE: [CR]"There will be a small cycle jumble, too" My lack ofunderstanding of some European cycling terms
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It's probably past Toni's bedtime now, so perhaps some guesses and not-so-guesses I can offer, will help.

I think Parc Ferme (I can't type the accent) is probably a closed area (I think ferme = closed, based on foggy high school French) where the classics may be displayed.

Audax and randonnee are both long-distance cycling events. Audax bikes and randonneurs are bikes intended for such events, respectively. There's an Ebook available (haven't read it yet!) from that discusses the design of such bikes. Borrowing from Simon Doughty's "The Long-Distance Cyclists' Handbook," an audax is a large group ride with speed and stops controlled by ride captains. Randonnees are basically 100 to 1200 km rides that may or may not be self-supported. Probably Paris-Roubaix is the most famous and most demanding. The bikes want the responsiveness of a racing bike and the comfort of a touring bike, without the load-carrying capacity (sounds kinda like the traditional '50s/'60s road race bike, no?). Bikes have light frames usually steel (yay!), comfort-oriented geometry, 23-28 mm tires on 700C, clearance for fenders, fittings for multiple bottles, light luggage, lights, and a pump, and wide gear ranges. Think credit-card touring in northern Midwest or European variable weather, in events managed sort of like our One Hell of a Ride or Assenmacher centuries.

You can see how the Herses and Singers are optimized for this sort of event.

Simon's book runs back to 2001 copyright. I'd imagine that some modern randonneurs are based on rider's preference, using OT frame constructions and materials. I could see something like a fenderable Specialized Roubaix being a benefit on such a ride.

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Excuse my sometimes lamentable ignorance of my own English language, but what is a Cycle Jumble? Might it be like a swap meet? Perhaps you can clarify what an Audax is, too, as I only have a vague understanding of that term also.I think it is like a ride for bikes with light touring accessories? If so, how would an Audax differ from a Randonneuring bike?

And as long as I am displaying my ignorance, is the Parc Ferme a bike show?


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