Re: [CR]Re: Was 'fat tubulars'; now lower pressure tubs on road?

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Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2007 07:28:56 -0800 (PST)
From: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Was 'fat tubulars'; now lower pressure tubs on road?
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Looking further through the website, I note the basic Diamond 28 is rated at 90 psi, while the more expensive Special and Elite versions are stated as 65 psi. I think it is highly unlikely the more expensive models actually have a lower pressure capability. In any case, I run both the basic and the Elite versions at 90 psi with no problems.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <> wrote: That is deceptive, I spoke to a Tufo distributor who said that model is actually good for 90 psi. The Tufo North America website also gives a 90 psi rating for the Diamond 28.

I run mine at 90psi, which is more than enough for a 28 mm tire. Don't know why they put such a low psi on the sidewall.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX

Simon PJ wrote: Many thanks for this suggestion, Jerry.

Quickly looking up the specifications for the Tufo Elite Diamonds I see that the maximum inflation pressure is 65psi. You obviously like how the tyres ride. How do they compare to road tubulars at 120psi or more?


Wyndham Pulman-Jones Girton, Cambs., UK.

On 18/11/07 14:26, "Jerome & Elizabeth Moos" wrote:

I am running Tufo Elite Diamond 28's on the early 80's Cuevas of which I recently posted photos. I also have Diamond 28's on a 1974 Raleigh Competition I finished rebuilding a few months ago. Tufos are more widely available and less expensive than Dugast, and I love the way they ride. Plus I've come to like the Tufo Extreme Tape so well, I may never deal with rim cement again.

The Diamond 28 is mostly marketed as a cyclocross tire, but the diamond tread pattern is not at all aggressive, not a "knobby" by any means, so the tire works very well for raod bikes as well. This tire is also available in 30 mm width.

Only drawback for classic bikes is that only the least expensive version of the Diamond 28 is available with classic-looking black tread and tan sidewall. At least in the US - different colors may be available in UK. I was able to use the more expensive Elite Diamond 28 on the Cuevas because the yellow tread worked on a green frame with gold/yellow decals, cables, pump and anodized HS and bars. That said, I've found little or no difference in weight or tread between the various price levels of a given Tufo model, neither the Diamond 28 nor the narrower "road" models. And while I don't have a huge number of miles on Tufos yet, I so far can't tell much if any difference in ride between the least expensive Tufo of a given width and tread and the more expensive versions. I suppose there must be some difference in thread count or such like for the extra money, but perhaps this is hard to feel in a tubeless tire. Or maybe buyers of the more expensive versions are just paying for the wider choice of colors.


Jerry Moos

Big Spring, Texas

Simon PJ wrote:

Can anyone point me to a source in the UK for larger sized tubulars such as the 27mm Dugast Paris Roubaix cotton tyres? Any other suggestions for 'fatter' tubulars?

All the dealers I have tried only carry tubs in the more common 22/23mm sizes. I'd like to find a UK dealer that carries a similar range to the one available from

Many thanks.

Wyndham Pulman-Jones
Girton, Cambs., UK.