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Date: Sat, 03 Nov 2007 01:09:32 +0100
Subject: Re: [CR]New (1970) RHerse Price?
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The Herse book contains a receipt from 1973 for a typical randonner costing 2652.50 FF. A dollar was roughly 4.5 francs so that you would have paid about $590 back then.


BTW: Nobody in Germany knew René Herse in the 1970s.

-- Dirk Feeken Heidelberg Germany

Am 02.11.2007 3:16 Uhr schrieb "" unter <>:
> I sometimes fantasize of purchasing a new RHerse when I was stationed in
> Germany in '68-'70 (who knew?). Anyone have an idea what a new, made-to- order
> fully-equipped camping/randonneur would have cost? At the time, GIs were
> getting
> 4 DM/$ and a new Paramount was what...a couple of hundred (2 mos of PFC p


> Jack Romans

> Sacramento, CA