[CR]70s CAMPY chainrings - BREV and PATENT stampings

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Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 00:21:28 -0800
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Subject: [CR]70s CAMPY chainrings - BREV and PATENT stampings

I have checked through my 70s Campy chainrings (all 144 BCD type), and found that the Super Record 42 and 43t chainrings ARE stamped with PATENT on them, but not the Nuovo Record ones. The suspected Nuovo Record ones just have the <C> and the 42 or 43 stamped on them. I was told that there was no room to stamp the PATENT on them, but obviously they found room on the Super Record ones, and the webbing is even thinner, so that assumption probably is not correct. All my later BREV Campy chainrings from 42t and up are stamped 'BREV'. So the question is, do any 42 and 43t Nuovo Record Chainrings exist with 'PATENT' stampings on them, or do all of them just have the <C> and number? And if some have it and others don't, what does that mean in terms of date of manufacture, etc? Are there other models of Campy rings that get confused with Record, like Gran Sport, whatever? And if so, how do you distinguish between them? I know with the later off-topic rings, the finish is better on them or one side. I think with Chorus, they didn't polish the inside of the ring to distinguish between the Record version.

Furthermore, what about track rings and 1960s Campy chainrings? Do the same rules apply?

Other question. When did the <C> leave the bottom headset cup?


-Dee Gordon
Los Angeles