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Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2007 08:55:35 -0800 (PST)
From: John Barry <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Huret Allvit setup
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I had one of those on a bike I had a couple years back. I was not impressed with it's shifting, and took it apart as much as I was able to, cleaned it to within an inch of it's life and put it back together (which was a colossal wrestling match pitting me against those springs.

The end result was no noticeable improvement in shifting. I found it often had to shift up two cogs before shifting back down one (maybe two or three and repeating a couple times) to get the gear I wanted.

In fairness to the derailleur, I should note that this one was mounted on a claw that hooked to the axle, rather than mounting to a threaded hole in the dropout. Perhaps a different mounting position would have suited this design better. I'll also note that the Front mechanism seemed to work just fine.

I would change one of those derailleurs out the moment I found something else to replace it - unless I didn't plan on ever riding the bicycle.

As always, YMMV, but Frank and I will have to be content to agree to disagree on this model.


John Barry Mechanicsburg, (sounds like our kind of place, no?) PA, USA

--- "Charles T. Young" wrote:

> I'm in the process of setting up my first Huret

\r?\n> Allvit gear train. NMind

\r?\n> you, it is not the first I've ridden a bike so

\r?\n> equipped, just the first

\r?\n> time assembling same. Are the friction cups on the

\r?\n> shifters best run dry

\r?\n> or with a light coating of grease or oil? They

\r?\n> appear to have been dry

\r?\n> when last in service.


\r?\n> The RD is the more modern model with two detents for

\r?\n> tensioning the

\r?\n> spring for amount of takeup instead of the 1961

\r?\n> model four with four.

\r?\n> While I expect that I can figure it out, which of

\r?\n> the two provide the

\r?\n> greatest amount of chainwrap?


\r?\n> Finally, are these components as wonderful as Frank

\r?\n> Berto holds them to

\r?\n> be in The Dancing Chain? Judging from their sparsity

\r?\n> among photographs

\r?\n> of vintage lightweights of the era on the web, they

\r?\n> seem to have been

\r?\n> the decidely poor cousins to the Campagnolo Gran

\r?\n> Sport in the 1960's. As

\r?\n> a second-tier frame (and inanimate object), my

\r?\n> Rotrax Shirley is

\r?\n> unlikely to care.


\r?\n> regards,


\r?\n> Charlie "guess I'll find out" Young

\r?\n> Honey Brook, PA

\r?\n> USA