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Going back to the 1950s and early 1960s Dynohubs may have been used in PBP but more likely not. One thing is that few English riders participated until about 1983 (85 participants) who would have been the likely users of such hubs. Even in the old days the basic bottle generator despite it's limitations put out much more power and light and I suspect than the Dynohub design by Sturmey Archer. The Dynohub is elegant and virtually frictionless but low on power. I'm not sure when most generations standardized on 6 volts and 3 watt output but it could have been earlier than 1960.

Someone on this list should know. Anyway the hot setup is the trouble-free and powerful Schmidt SON hub which is able to power two halogen headlamps and a tail light if needed with modest but very quite drag.

It is interesting to note that Santo who made the old bottom bracket generator manufactures the Shimano labeled units. Nowadays the Sturmey Archer folks make a powerful 6v 3 W or 6v 2.4w dynohub with and without hub mounted brakes! Modest price too.

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David Bean asks<Why didn't the French ever use Dynohubs on randonneuses? Anglophobia?>

I don't recall ever seeing an English rider using a Dynohub on a Audax event although Schmidt hub lighting is now popular, and rightly so. Ray Green, Brighton, England>>

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