[CR]Can you stand yet another report on Cirque?

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From: Tom Sanders <tsan7759142@sbcglobal.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Mon, 11 Jun 2007 20:11:32 -0400
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Subject: [CR]Can you stand yet another report on Cirque?

So as the Sun is rising in the Smokies (and it was truly gorgeous!) I am driving home and trying to figure out just what I would say to folks about the whole experience. I think the comic events are fun and I haven't heard much of that side of things, so... At the Sunday night dinner after things get finished up the hard core cadre generally go out to a good Mexican restaurant that is a favorite of Dales (Not the one of the infamous female food fight a few years ago...that one is closed...the women swear it was not their fault...some now even deny any participation...). While there Mike Schmidt makes a toast to someone: "To the nicest guy I've ever run into..." I'm sitting across from Ray Homisky and I say to Ray "What the (censored)...he doesn't know you and me?" Ray tells me that the subject of Mikes toast is the guy Mike crashed into on the ride earlier...Nearly had me falling off my chair when I heard that. Then while cruising through Dale's parking lot I see a young guy pulling our a nice Vanilla bike from the back of a car...I stopped so abruptly that my sneakers squealed and smoked and I Said something inane like "Wow! That's one of Sacha's bikes?" The fellow says "I'm Sacha" So much for my level of sophistication. Then there is always meeting dear old friends and making new ones. I got to meet Mark Nobilette, Daryl McCullough , go bombing around the city with Karen Rawls, Bobby and Sacha White in Karen's car...where else you gonna do that? I got to meet Doug Brooks who I have long admired and guess what? He's absolutely charming and even more interesting in person than I might have guessed. Lord the interesting stories that guy can tell! The bikes were awesome as always, and the auction was fun, raising good cash although it seemed a bit thin in offerings to me somehow...maybe just fewer things I was after. The Swap Meet was awesome! I have never seen such a great selection of stuff, especially tools that I lusted after. Some tools I had searched after for years were there, sometimes for two or three bucks! Sometimes I just took all of them the seller had at those prices! The real score of the weekend for me was a fantastic drillium Nuovo Record group from good friend Lou that come to find out was apparently done by the very same guy who did such a fabulous job on John Barron's Paramount! Lord, but I sweated blood until I had in in my avaricious mitts! I can hardly remember the last time I wanted something that badly. As he often does Dale smoothed out a major problem for me ...this time involving not having a table at the sale...My God! Have you got any idea how big Scott Ramsey looks when he is a bit miffed at you? Thanks Dale...I think if I had bugged Scott one more time I would have ended up with my feet sticking out of the top of a trash can! Hopefully Scott and I are ok again...man, I sure hope so! So a great time was had by everyone as far as I could see...Once a year is just not enough to see some of these wonderful folks. It was once about the bikes, but it is now about the people and the bikes are a bonus... Make your reservations at Leesburg real soon folks...You've just gotta come!
Tom Sanders
Lansing, Mi USA