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Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2007 20:16:28 -0400
From: "Narasimham Chanberasekaran" <>
To: "Don Early" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]response to post 248
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As this seems to have caused such a stir let's put it to bed once and for all. I did not leave feedback, blast Mr. Early or go crying to paypal at the time because it just seemed so petty. A simple "I goofed and am sorry" would have sufficed The cranks worked fine just a little rougher than was expected, clearly not what was advertised. What rankled me was the rude superior tone evident in even his initial CR posting. The prove it or to hell with you attitude. His basic persona is revealed in his suggestion that I should have complained or flamed him with bad feedback---i guess that is how he behaves which alone proves my point.

\Further to this, I am the recipient of many other emails from persons with whom Early has dealt who have also noted his rude bullyiing tactics----something about a pair of brifters for which he threatened negative feedback unless1/2 the money was returned. I want nothing from Early and no longer wish this discussion to go on. I have asked him on more than one occasion to cease his direct campaign of threatening, condescending email messages and hope that he does so. This thread has taken a bizzare life of its own that is not the purpose of the list. I have no idea if Early sent the racist message or not--I have no means of knowing. Frankly why would Early admit that he was a closet racist-facsist?

Let it be.........

On 6/12/07, Don Early <> wrote:
> I've joined this sites mailing list only today only after I was informed
> about my name and reputation being smeared on this site.
> I'm referring to the post #248 made by Narasimham Chanberasekaran,
> concerning an NOS crankset he supposedly purchased from me on eBay and
> claims
> it was damaged goods.
> I can only say to him the he should quit posting malicious comments
> about me which are nothing but lies!!
> To the best of my knowledge, I've never sold him a thing. You have to
> ask yourself a simple question. If I had sold him a damaged item why
> didn't he file a complaint with Paypal for an item received not as
> described, or at the very least, why didn't he flame me with a negative
> feedback.
> Please give me the eBay transaction number if my memory is incorrect.
> A racist message supposedly sent to him by me is totally against my
> grain and something that I find sickening and is not something I would
> ever think about sending anyone.
> It should be quite obvious to anyone that has dealt with me or wishes to
> review my eBay feedback, that I'm out to help fellow cyclist not degrade
> anyone.
> The post was obviously made by a poser using my identity.
> Donald R. Early, Jr. (mr_dura-ace on eBay)
> Clinton Township, Michigan
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Narasimham Chanberasekaran,
Saxis, VA