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Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2007 09:42:52 -0700 (PDT)
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If this is going ahead with the blessing of Lily Herse, is it really so different than Ernest Csuka building Singers? Granted, Csuka is a member of the family, at least by mariage, and presumably was taught by the founder, but Mike is a long-time devotee and student of Herse bikes, and Mark is a great and in many ways traditional builder, so I think these will perhaps be as "authentic" as a 2007 Alex Singer.


Jerry Moos Big Spring, TX wrote: Interesting question!

The "classic" Rene Herse bicycles were a benchmark, and the reference against which all touring and randonneuring bicycles were compared. In considering the production of bicycles of this type, it became apparent to me that in many ways the Herse designs remained the best. Consider front racks. You can add curves and more tubes and modify the shape, but the typical Herse rack of the 1950's is really difficult to improve upon.

So if I wanted to make the best bike possible, and it looked so much like an Herse - why not make an Herse? And since Lily Herse wanted the tradition continued, and since Mark Nobilette is so close geographically, the project fell right into place.

In building Herse bikes, it becomes necessary to build to an extremely high level to insure that comparisons made to the "classic" Herse bikes are favorable. And in building and Herse, since Herse was an innovator, it gives licence to pursue improvments which are truely useful and which aid performance.

So some have considered the Herse name to be a burden - while myself and Mark consider it a driver to push the bicycles to the highest level possible so that when comparisions are made, which will be welcomed, they are determained to be a proud continuation of the line.

I hope that helps!

Mike Kone
Rene Herse Bicycles Inc.

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> I have great respect for both Mike Kone and Mark Nobilette's bikes, but

\r?\n> i am at a loss to understand this venture.

\r?\n> at the onset, it invites comparison to the originals, whether good or

\r?\n> bad i can't fathom why one would want this.




\r?\n> inquiring minds want to know....gabriel




\r?\n> Bingham, Wayne wrote:

\r?\n> > Yes, it is Mark Nobilette, and I think that is a great "fit" for this

\r?\n> > venture. I don't think the endeavor has fully gelled yet, and I'm sure


\r?\n> > Mike will elaborate as things start to come together.



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