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Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 13:57:28 EST
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Sarah, When I was a young punk (as opposed to the older punk I am now) I used to go look at the black light posters at a waste of time and money novelty shop, Spencer Gifts, in the mall. They had all the posters fully unrolled and back to back on some thin board, faced on both sides in sheets of clear plastic, then framed somehow (can't remember ... I was just a little punk then), with one side edge mounted with hinges to some board on the wall. You could flip through the posters, just like reading a giant book.

I think this could be simply done with: - the thinnest clear lexan or plexyglass you can find (to keep it cheaper) - cheap but painted or stained 1x2 pine for the frame with a groove routed along the length of the wider 1 3/4" dimension to create a slot for the edge of the plexy to sit in - little angle brackets and screws to hold it together at the corners - 2-3 hinges mounted on the "book binder" side - a flat panel mounted on the wall for the other side of the hinges to attach to.

Make many "pages", each displaying 2 posters, then mount them side by side on the wall board, and you have a giant poster book that only takes up the wall space of two posters mounted side by side (plus variable "binder" width, dependent upon how many pages you show).

If you don't have enough reachable wall space for lookers to be able to browse, then maybe you can mount it higher up, and only display two posters at a time ... and you can simply use a long stick to flip the page every so often, like "Poster Pair of the Month", or something like that.

If any of the construction doesn't make sense, lemme know, or maybe I can draw up something that looks remotely like what I'm talking about, scan and email it to you.

Ciao, Mark Agree Southfield MI ~ ~ ~

Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 15:11:39 +0000 From: Sarah Gibson <sadiejane9@hotmail.com> To: Robert Clair <r.clair@cox.net>, <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org> Subject: RE: [CR]Posters ?

when i bought the shop inherited about 30 yrs worth (the previous owner was much like meself rarely throwing anything away) of cycling posters theyre incredibly wonderful and ive had a few framed tho most are still rolled up and stored in bike boxes intend to buy another flat file and store them thata ways tho the house is big enuf being an art collector also theres little wall space left the shop has a few here n there so the reality is im not sure what to do with them all not into letting em go either.... have lots of original bicycle-related photos too from races etc spanning the past century more of those are framed and hanging as they take up much less space than posters enjoy the ones ya have room for! peace


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