Re: [CR]In Memoriam Sheldon Brown

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Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 11:56:06 -0800 (PST)
From: Guy Taylor <>
Subject: Re: [CR]In Memoriam Sheldon Brown
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I find myself somewhat unable to see the computer screen clearly upon reading this very sad news. I never met Sheldon but gained immense assistance from him via his web pages and their very clearly written information. I wrote to him once with a simple thank you ragarding some information and, despite the great quantity of emails he must have received every day, he very kindly replied with a short note. I am greatly going to miss this gentlemen who has touched so many of us with his kindness, wit, and wisdom.

Sincerely, Guy Taylor Anaheim, CA USA

Peter Jourdain <> wrote: This tremendously sad news comes via the Phred touring list. My apologies if this has already been mentioned on the CR---

"This came over a few of the Boston area lists today:

Sheldon's wife Harriet sent out mail this morning saying that Sheldon Brown died of a massive heart attack last night.

He knew more about bicycles than anyone else I know, as was always happy to share what he knew.