re: [CR] Were Campy brakes so superior?

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Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 08:00:44 -0800
From: Jack Fortune <>
Subject: re: [CR] Were Campy brakes so superior?

> In his top 5 component list, Dan Artley mentioned:
> "...Campy sidepull brakes as revolutionizing good braking and control.
> A brake that unlike the Mafacs didn't need dedicated pivot posts on the
> frame.

While many Rene Herse and Alex Singer bicycles featured brazed-on mounting posts for Mafacs, I wasn't aware that many of the racing makers used these. They certainly aren't required - I have two vintage bicycles with Mafac brakes and both of them use a standard center-bold mount.

Furthermore, I find the vintage mafac brakes to function extremely well - Jan, you want to chime in here? - I'm dubious that the Campagnolo brakes offered any improvement in braking performance, surely nothing "revolutionary". Of course, the Campy brakes can hardly be matched for aesthetic appeal.


Jack Fortune
Eugene, Oregon USA