Re: [CR]Vintage wind trainers?

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Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2008 21:05:45 -0500
From: James Swan <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Vintage wind trainers?
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To: Bill Talbot <>
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Hi Bill,

Yes, I remember those. I never owned one but they seemed pretty cool. I think that they came after the original RacerMate . Anybody remember those?

They had a squirrel cage devise mounted on a swinging arm that that clamped onto the seat post. The roller was brought to bear on the top of the rear wheel with a length of surgical tube acting as a tension spring to keep it in contact . It had a tubular steel stand to hold the bike off the floor. The cool thing was that you could ride the bike on your rollers with the squirrel cage in place. You could even ride it on the road like that if you were really masochistic.

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On Feb 9, 2008, at 8:21 PM, Bill Talbot wrote:
> CRers,
> I was watching the snow falling though the window today, while on
> my 1975 R
> aysport which was attached to a 25ish year old wind trainer. I
> found myself
> wondering (what the hell else is there to do when pedaling
> inside!) what w
> ere the other early trainers? Mine is called "The Road Machine".
> These came
> out in the mid eighties, at least that's how long I've had mine. I
> think t
> hey were made in Italy as the "drive belt" is supposedly from a
> Fiat!. Anyo
> ne else have one of these or remember them?
> Between this and my rollers I can just about survive the long New
> England w
> inters!
> If interested, see pix @
> album24
> 1/?g2_page=2
> Bill Talbot
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