Re: [CR]More Dura Ace brake questions.

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Subject: Re: [CR]More Dura Ace brake questions.
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If the 'FB' is the date code these would be February 1981.

Paul Williams,
Ottawa, ON, Canada

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Subject: [CR]More Dura Ace brake questions.

> All the notes on Dura Ace brakes led me to pull these calipers out my
> parts bin. For many years I used these on my winter beater but now that
> they are retired I'm curious about what vintage they may be. I bought
> them used probably in the early 90's. The reach is long enough to clear
> fenders and the quick release is kind of funky.
> Can anyone ID the date for these? Pictures on Wool Jersey.



> Norm Lafleur

> Ashfield, Ma.