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Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 16:36:14 -0500
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From: Lee Levitt <lee@wheelman.com>
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The problem with your approach is that you're broadcasting your interest in the item. There's a set of rules on ebay that allows sniping (they tried to block it a while ago but gave up). If you don't snipe, you're working at a disadvantage against those that do.

I occasionally use BIN if I think an item is priced right or I really want it :) Otherwise, I'll always snipe it. I set my max via esnipe and walk away. If I get it, i get it, if I don't...oh well. I haven't broadcast my interest (thereby potentially driving the price up), and I haven't gotten into a bidding war. Sure, I may be bidding against a friend, but given my diverse interests and the number of people out there, it's unlikely. So be it.

I also occasionally make someone an offline offer to purchase the item directly. I'm more than happy to do it through ebay, through BIN, but early in the process, guaranteeing the purchase at a reasonable price.

It is a game...a big game, and you can play by whichever set of rules you choose...but that affects your winnings.

Just my .02


>Fred writes:
>Okay, what happens when every bidder uses a sniping service? It
>seems like every time something good comes along, someone figures
>out how to make money out of it. It's good old American capitalism
>at work. But I do hate it. It's like computers are great, but why do
>you pay for virus protection? Couldn't ISPs or computer companies
>offer this free when you purchase a computer? I have been sniped so
>many times that I now usually only purchase Ebay items with the Buy
>it Now offer. On other items, I enter my max bid at the beginning of
>the auction and just monitor my emails to see if I win. It also
>gives me satisfaction when someone snipes at the last minute, but
>don't override my bid. Bidding on Ebay is like playing the lottery,
>you just can't count on winning.
>Fred Durrette
>Summerville, SC USA