[CR]for sale

Example: Racing:Beryl Burton

From: "Cliff Lee" <epiphyte@mail.com>
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 03:36:32 -0500
Subject: [CR]for sale

Okay, something BIG has come up, so it's all gotta go. I'll put up pics on a flickr page tomorrow, but I've gotta move fast. Please no tire kicking. N o reasonable offer refused. please email me offers at: epiphyte at mail dot com

All prices include shpiiping. I could knock down prices a bit for multiple orders

Gots: -105 Levers white hoods - mint 40

Campy Rally rear der w. original pulleys in good shape - could use a polish and regrease, but it's good - $40

11 cm Cinelli Milano old logo stem - scratch near the bolt on top, zigzagin g, but fine $40

42cm Cinelli Campione del Mondo bars - crest logo - a little zigzagging but very nice - $50

43cm Cinelli Criterium 65-44 bars, new logo - $35

40cm Cinelli steel track bars (model 14) Crest logo on the clamp area - bee n crashed, zigzagging at bends, slightly twisted, but the chrome is very so lid... ebay is not your friend $80

Campy Croce D'Aune rear der (push rod) - a bit of road rash on the outer ca ge, 1 or 2 broken teeth on a jockey wheel, but otherwise shiny and nice - $ 40

Pat 83 MR rear der - clean and shiny, TransX sealed jockeys (red aluminum) - $40

Suntour Superbe rear der - orig jockeys, clean - $40

Bontrager RE-1 mtn clipless pedals with large Lake shoes (size 11?) and cle ats - $50 for it all

2 pair Campy dt shifters - plain background, scalloped edge - $30 each

DA freewheel cogs in minty shape 12-24... no spacers 0 $25

Unicanitor plastic track saddle - a few minor scrapes, but dead solid $40

Unicanitor unpadded black leather saddle - old logo - some scrapes on the b ack, but no rips ($40)

5 gold NJS 44mm (i.e. normal) saddle - black - scrapes down to plastic on r ight hip ($25)

Many pairs of NOS Bianchi Dino toe straps - white, with "gran ciclismo" pri nting - new and lovely 10 eqch.

Maillard track hubset 36h - just take these away from me $30

Superbe (NOT Superbe pro, but later generation i.e. bodies look just like S .Pro without cutouts) track hubset 24h - excellent shape - $200

56cm ctc tt. 56cm ctt st Bianchi Alfana frame (Made in Japan, lugged, Tange Prestige) Chorus or record headset (1", anodized al., w. the square locknu t) with older Colnago chrome fork in very nice shape. not for recessed brak es, but I assume it can be drilled out $150

Gipemme low flange hubs - 36 hole $40

All for now - keep me posted

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