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Date: Fri, 09 May 2008 12:48:30 +0000 (GMT)
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Why Ralph, why beat around the bush, I'll be happy to send you and your family to interview Merckx, all expenses paid, too. Now about that Herse you were going to donate to my collection...

Best regards to one of the most helpful guys in vintage cycling! George

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From: Via Bicycle
Date: Friday, May 9, 2008 8:19 am
Subject: Re: [CR]Colnago Shop Drawings-Now Merckx

> George,

\r?\n> maybe someone can sponsor a trip over to Europe for me to go

\r?\n> over and

\r?\n> conduct an interview, and go document the said bikes. I am not adverse

\r?\n> to traveling, proven that time and time again, and have not been to

\r?\n> Europe in 8 months or so!! feeling homesick.

\r?\n> My boss paid for my airfare(and my wife's) last time, now I just have

\r?\n> to find some other sugar daddy(or momma) to do so.

\r?\n> I am really good at photography and have been known to use a

\r?\n> tape measure . . .

\r?\n> come on guys, I need a vacation. well I guess Cirque is coming up.

\r?\n> joel ralph flood

\r?\n> philadelphia, PA


\r?\n> On Fri, May 9, 2008 at 8:05 AM, wrote:

\r?\n> > Hi Jan:

\r?\n> > Yours is an interesting point of view, but I doubt that

\r?\n> Merckx' meticulous attention to everything he did, both before

\r?\n> and after his accident, could ever be interpreted as

\r?\n> "desperation" in the commonly held sense of the word, that is,

\r?\n> to lose all hope.

\r?\n> > In any event, Merckx is still around, has good English, and

\r?\n> few would dispute has the best palmares in bike racing history.

\r?\n> > Certainly he would make an interesting subject for an interview.

\r?\n> > There hardly seems any reason to speculate about any facts he

\r?\n> himself might be able to provide. For example: which bike was

\r?\n> actually used in the Hour record ride-the Brussels bike, the

\r?\n> Cambiago bike, or yet another bike?

\r?\n> > This opportunity will not last forever.

\r?\n> > Regards,

\r?\n> > George

\r?\n> > George Hollenberg MD

\r?\n> > CT, USA

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\r?\n> >> At 11:52 PM +0000 5/8/08, wrote:

\r?\n> >>

\r?\n> >> > What is more interesting in these drawings, are the fine

\r?\n> >> >differences ( too numerous to be repeated here) specified by

\r?\n> >> Merckx

\r?\n> >> >for bikes he designated for different races. Such attention to

\r?\n> >> >detail marked his career-the most brilliant in the history of

\r?\n> >> bike

\r?\n> >> >racing.

\r?\n> >>

\r?\n> >> I have read many times that after his back injury, Merckx never

\r?\n> >> again

\r?\n> >> was totally comfortable on a bike, and thus was changing the

\r?\n> >> dimensions all the time in the elusive search for the bike that

\r?\n> >> would

\r?\n> >> fit perfectly. So this is less a sign of perfectionism than one

\r?\n> >> of

\r?\n> >> desperation.

\r?\n> >>

\r?\n> >> What is amazing is that most of Merckx' career, and most of his

\r?\n> >> victories, occurred after that accident... showing you how much

\r?\n> >> determination the man had!

\r?\n> >>

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