[CR]Several items sold quickly

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From: "Tom Sanders" <tesanders@comcast.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Fri, 9 May 2008 14:39:30 -0400
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Subject: [CR]Several items sold quickly

Folks the Honey B-17 and Swift saddles are spoken for. The Pista BB is spoken for. The Campy grease is spoken for.

In an effort to get some money around to send myself to Cirque, I have been combing through my stash trying to find some really nice and unusual things that folks might like, but that are extra to me. I have found some and they are listed below. Prices are in addition to shipping, which will be at actual cost. I can deliver to Cirque, but I want to be paid now, not at Cirque. Hope that doesn't sound cold, but I need the money now and one would not normally ship things hoping to be paid for them on arrival, anyway.

Black Ti Railed Brooks B-17 Champion Special (think big rivets) saddle, mint, MSRP $312, your price $150

Honey Ti railed B-17 Champion Special, darkening has begun in earnest ( I find this attractive, myself) sides are laced. $100

NIB Honey Brooks Ti Railed Swift. Box a bit roughed up, saddle fine. MSRP $350, your price $175.

Three French Cyclo 5 speed Freewheels:

First a Cyclo 72 14-22 that appears unused, $22.

Next a Cyclo 72 14-26 that appears unused $30

Lastly a Cyclo 64 14-26 that has either very light usage or some shop wear $40

Bottom Brackets:

Nuovo Record NIB Italian marked 70-SSA, has crank bolts, brg.s, sleeve, Lock Ring etc. Original price sticker on box is $152.95! Your price $90 See why it's called Tom's Bargain Basement?

Mavic BB w/ crank bolts, nice condition, I measure it 111mm. Nice if you have some stripped threads on your bike! $55

Suntour Superbe Pro BB, Italian, marked 68-S, w/sleeve and crank bolts, very nice $55

Campagnolo Pista NOS BB, English, marked 68-P-120, crank bolts appear alloy A rare opportunity for somebody. $115

150 gram tube of Campagnolo grease. I have dabbed my finger on it a couple of times to coat bolt ends, but it is full for all intents and purposes. This is the white tube with blue script that tapers to nearly a point toward the bottom. No E-Bay prices here! $25

Tom Sanders

Lansing, Mi USA