[CR]re: shotput shoes >>> another alternative

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To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 13:22:50 +1000
From: Ben Kamenjas <kamenjas@gmail.com>
Subject: [CR]re: shotput shoes >>> another alternative

Marcus Helman of Detroit, MI wrote/asked ... (snipped)
> Someone recently recommended shotput shoes for use with toeclips and
> straps. How stiff are the soles? I have been riding with the same
> pair
> of indoor soccer shoes for several years, and am beginning to want
> something new. Has anyone tried to put stiffer insoles in sneakers to
> get
> a better pedalling platform? Do stiffer insoles exist?
> >><<<
> I want something that looks like a bike shoe, but walks like a sneaker.

Marcus and other Coolio's,

I wrote a while back about some recently out of production Adidas sneakers that is a street sneaker replica of Eddy Merckx's classics ...

they called E.M. Comp and came in quite a few colour's. The classic black(white) and also white(black) are rare to find now but there are

usually some blue(black) and red(grey) available on ebay. Perforated leather, 3 stripes, cycling logo's on the tongue and sole and smooth

gum rubber grooveless tread on the bottom. They are however a soft sole

.. I can ride in them OK but some here may wish to get them resoled with something stiffer. In the plainer colours they are kinda discreet

and low key classic. they made 'em in chocolate brown (pale blue) too


Kinda tricky to search for on ebay ... either use Adidas E.M. Comp or

Adias EM Comp. Lotsa them turn up on German ebay. They were dead stock

and very cheap for a long time but now the penny has dropped and some

resellers and sneaker freaks in the US are pricing them up. Still affordable. Worth a think about ..... if you got a good Shoe-Guy\u2122 you could make

something really cool outta these.

here's a few ...

http://cgi.ebay.com.au/VINTAGE-ADIDAS-EM-COMP-RED-RETRO-9-RARE- DEADSTOCK_W0QQitemZ330236260145

http://cgi.ebay.com.au/NEU-adidas-E-M-COMP-Fahrrad-Spezial-RARITAT-42 -2-3-NEU_W0QQitemZ200154342650

http://cgi.ebay.com.au/Adidas-E-M-COMP-NEN-shoes-146412-size-10- NEW_W0QQitemZ130203201386QQihZ003

Also, a lot of the Adidas chicks yoga style shoes and some kickboxing &

volleyball would look close to a traditional style cycling shoe with a

walkable sole. It means having to resole them with something stiffer to

make them ideal ... find a good shoe guy !!!!


Ben Kamenjas
Sydney, Oz