Re: [CR]cycling shoe baloney

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Date: Thu, 15 May 2008 15:21:01 -0400
From: Harvey Sachs <>
Subject: Re: [CR]cycling shoe baloney
To:, Classic Rendezvous <>

Kurt Sperry has pointed out that there are many attitudes involved here, and it tracks all the way to shoes and foot attachments: <snip>

I think there's a divide between people who think of their bikes primarily as fitness/recreation devices who eat up all the bicycle specific gear like cycling shoes, clipless pedals, lycra shorts without pockets, dayglo cycling tops etc. and those for whom their bikes are actual practical transportation devices useful for moving oneself and a reasonable amount of baggage from one place to another...<snip> ++++++++++++++++ I'd just offer a couple of observations based on my experience: 1) I've gone to some pain to get the right pedals for each of my classic bikes. For show, and for special rides at Cirque, etc. 2) In daily riding, including commuting most days, I don't use clips and straps - double-sided spds are effortless. 3) I think we can all agree that it is truly nutty to use Cinelli M-71 "widow-maker" pedals for riding on the road. These pedals, mostly seen in the early 70s, actually have a knob that must be pulled to release the cleat from the pedal. In the best traditions of engineering design, the knob is conveniently located on the outer bottom of the pedal. Where you can't reach it to release it when you're lying on your side after a crash. But, it's too late then, anyhow, no?

harvey sachs
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