Re: [CR]Blue Suede Shoes - Er Saddle

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From: "Richard Timm" <>
To: "Jerome & Elizabeth Moos" <>, "Tony Colegrave" <>, <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Blue Suede Shoes - Er Saddle
Date: Tue, 20 May 2008 17:09:03 +0200

Hi Jerry,

Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <> schrub:
> month I paid approximately $450 and $550 respectively for a
> complete Colnago DUALL and a complete circa 1980 Zunow.

Well, I bought a nice Meral in good condition and complete original equipment for 46 Euro. Added new tires for 55 Euros and a saddle for 40 Euros... :) So if one bought a cycle for 3000 Euros, what is a good price for fitting tires and saddle?
> since, but instead they were bought by an Italian saddle maker

Selle Italia.

I have very often seen vintage bikes with new brooks saddles and I don't like it. Especially whenever I see an old french or german bike with brooks, I'm not enjoyed as there were french and german saddles and a brooks is completely wrong on it even if it looks good in the first moment. :)

May be the same on american, italian or japanese bikes.

If you think that brooks is overpaid, watch fine old Ideale or Lepper saddles. The most lightweight leathersaddle ever made wasn't a Brooks, it was a extremely narrow Lepper with titan rails, as far as I know. There was one of this Leppers on ebay Germany a few years ago, sold for about 30 Euros. I could bite my own a... that I didn't bought it. Never have seen a second one.

But I didn't like leather saddles that time.

best regards, Richard

Richard Timm,
Hamburg, Germany