[CR]F/S- items i can bring to Cirque(long!)

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Date: Sat, 31 May 2008 11:11:43 -0400
From: "Via Bicycle" <viabicycle@gmail.com>
To: "Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org" <Classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Subject: [CR]F/S- items i can bring to Cirque(long!)

so here's the deal. here is a list of items I can bring to cirque for you, read=free delivery no shipping. the list is long and has numerous items. I can also ship in the items as well, but the bigger stuff I would rather just deliver. the kicker is bigger items, like wheels and frames MUST be prepaid. Some of the items I have "sold" before, I still have , after lugging to swapmeets for people to pick up, and then having to lug them hundreds of miles back because the person did not show up. I have also had people expect me to bring items, even though I was never asked. So if you need something, please email. Don't assume, especially because it may already be sold. All that said, one more addition, items must be spoken for by tuesday evening, June 3rd, because me and the guys are riding our On-topic bikes down to Cirque and we are leaving on Weds morning to get there thursday night or friday morning. I will make a pile of the stuff and Curtis will drive it down in the van on Friday night with a nice Chrome Rene Herse demountable and maybe some other bike to drool over.

pictures can be provided for all items, and s/h is not included in the price. I accept Paypal and money orders and cash, if picking up at Cirque, or the store(for that matter)

1. 700c Weinmann concave rims. presta drilled. 36 hole, "clover leaf" double butted spokes. Phil wood stainless center hubs. 122spacing. appear to have very low miles judging from the sidewalls of the rim and the condition of the hubs. they are just dusty. excellent condition. wheels are straight and true, bearing feel new. $150

2. Mafac Competition Straddle cable. new old stock. yes that rare one. I recently unearthed a couple. $20 each.

3. Universal 61 straddle hangers. New old stock. $20 a pair

4. Stronglight crank arm puller set. new old stock. 3 pieces, the little leverage age, the threaded piece and the socket piece. $50

5. Campagnolo 1" pitch track cog. 7 tooth. new old stock. $75

6. Campagnolo 1" pitch track cog. 8 tooth. new old stock. $75

7. Mafac cable hangers. NOS. $6 a pair.

8. Campagnolo Chrome Pump Umbrella. new old stock. missing screw/nut, but can easily be found at any hardware store. I have a couple. $10

9. Huret jockey wheel. available in toothed or smooth. please specify if for top or bottom, as one threads into the derailleur cage. New old stock. For Huret Allvit, Jubilee, or Luxe. $8 each.

10. Schwinn Touring saddle bag. NOS. this is the big one from the late 1960s-early 1970s that was made by Carradice. Never installed complete with original Schwinn Tag. About 13"x8 1/2"x 10". $70

11. Schwinn Approved Campagnolo seatpost wrench. NOS. It looks like the Campy seatpost tool, (to adjust the 2 bolt Nuovo Record seatpost), but I believe it was made by Park. Stamped "Schwinn Approved". Perfect for your Paramount toolkit bag. $15

12. Universal Black little hoodie and adjuster for Mod. 61 and Super 68 Brake levers. New old stock. $25 a pair.

13. Cyclo Cotter pin. new old stock. threaded on both sides, so no hammering. $30 a pair.

14. Magistroni 1950s Nik-Chrom Bottom bracket cups. New old stock. Italian thread. really high quality. $60

15. Brown repaint Legnano. 58cm c-t-c set tube. 57.5cm c-t-c toptube. Straight. repaint metallic brown, no decals. possibly early 1970s. Stronglight Delta headset. 120mm rear spacing. Campagnolo Dropouts. minimal use since repaint. Included matching Silca pump and campy pumphead. pictures at - http://www.bikeville.com/brownlegnano.html. $275

16. Super Champion 27" red label rims. clincher. 40 hole. 2 rims available. $50 each

17. Wolber Super Champion 700c Mod. 58. Black Label. clincher. 40 hole. 2 rims available. $45 each

18. Campagnolo Barcelona 92. 700c Tubular, sewup rim. 32 hole. 1 rim. Satin. $50

19. Campagnolo Record Crono. 700c Tubular, sewup rim. 36 hole. 1 rim.Polished. $50.

20. Wolber Super Champion Arc en Ciel. Black and gold label. 700c Tubular, sewup rim. 36 hole. Satin finish. 1 rim. $50.

21. Mavic MA2 26" rims. 559mm bead seat diameter, for on topic Mtn bike or city bikes using 26 x 1.75" tires. 32 hole. Green/yellow labels. Clincher. Polished.. $90 for the pair.

22. Weinmann eyeleted. 700c clincher. polished. 1970s. Looks almost identical to Super Champion Mod. 58 rims. Stamped "Weinmann 16-622 700c". hook bead. Schrader hole. $60 a pair.

23. Schwinn Approved rims.Tubular, sewup rim. 36 hole. polished. French made, perfect for your 1970s Paramount. $130 for the Pair.

24. Team Schwinn Track Paramount frameset. 1979. White. 52cm c+c seattube. 54cm c+c toptube. Decals need replacing. Straight, no dents. Not drilled for brakes. $650

25. Late 1950s Peugeot PX10 frameset. 56cm ctc seattube, 57cm ctc toptube. Famous blue with yellow accents. Nervex lugs, Simplex dropouts. For use with Simplex Juy 543 rear derailleur(has double cable stop near rear dropout). Paint is in excellent condition and decals are all there as well. Reynolds 531 DB tubing. Correct Stronglight headset with alloy toothed washer. Straight, no dents. Only major flaw is that someone screwed the clampon shifter and clamp on downtube cable guide onto the downtube. Can be easily filled and covered with a new shifter clamp and downtube cable guide., which I will provide. Chrome is excellent. $700

That is all. once again pictures are available for all items.

thanks for letting me take up the bandwidth.

joel ralph flood
philadelphia, PA USA