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Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2008 23:45:08 -0400
From: "Martin Walsh" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Upcoming Cirque Delights
To: "CR List" <>

Dear CR listees, Here's my list of recommended restaurants and local bicycle shops for folks coming to Leesburg,Virginia for Cirque 2008. My favorite "fine dining" restaurant in Leesburg,Virginia, that is a one mile walk exactly from the Best Western Hotel is called,"Lightfoot Restaurant" directly across from the Loudoun County Courthouse in historic downtown Leesburg,Va.Their website is at : great ambiance and vintage posters along with wonderful food make this my favorite fine dining restaurant in Leesburg.Tom Sanders mentioned "Carolina Brothers" pit BBQ which is on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail that is an old railroad line converted to a bicycle and multi-use trail run by the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority.For information on the bicycle trail which is about one half mile from the hotel please see: and also see: The Carolina Brother's Pit BBQ is a favorite stopping place for us when we ride on the W.O. & D. trail in Ashburn,Va. about seven miles east of the hotel on the W. O. & D. Their website is: It's very casual with tables outside right on the trail with a bicycle shop next door called,Mike's "Pedal Shop".Rest rooms and a new full service kitchen have recently been added to Carolina Brother's Pit BBQ.This makes for a good short 15-16 mile roundtrip ride from the hotel with 95 % of the miles on the trail. Hard to get lost if you leave a vintage bicycle parts,breadcrumb trail back to the hotel. I'm going to list the websites for two bicycle shops in the town of Leesburg."Plum Grove Cyclery" is the closest bicycle shop to the Best Western Hotel. Plum Grove Cyclery sells & repairs bicycles: Plum Grove Cyclery is within walking distance to the hotel and there's a great local "pie shop" right next door to the Plum Grove Cyclery, bicycle shop, One of Wayne's Bingham's favorite eateries is called "Mighty Midget Kitchen,they have a website at : Another favorite restaurant of Wayne's is called "Hamburg Doner" in downtown Leesburg,Va. their website is: Nearby in downtown Leesburg,is some more fine dining at another favorite of Marty Walsh called Tuscora Mills Cafe and Restaurant ,their website is at : Needless to say there is great value for the dollar at the many fine local restaurants in historic Leesburg,Virginia.You do not have to drive far.Most of the resturants are within walking distance or make arrangements with the hotel for a shuttle. The other two bicycle shops one in Leesburg,Virginia is called "Bicycle Outfitters" owned by a retired Englishman, and one other bicycle shop is about seven miles away to the east in Ashburn,Virginia right on the W. O. & D. Trail is called "Pedal Shop" and run by "Mike" at : If I can be of any help to CR members attending Cirque please contact me with a phone number(s) and the best time to reach you. I live about twenty five miles to the east of Leesburg,Virginia in Vienna,Virginia. Wayne has put together a wonderful event for the CR list members.Please show up and support this event in any capacity that you can.I think you all will have a wonderful time.Don't forget your S.P.F. SUNBLOCK PROTECTION.Weather forecast looks great for riding vintage bicycles for this annual event. Bring your Credit cards and cash for the Benefit Charity Auction on Friday.Rumor has it Ken Wallace will be bringing in some collectible "Bisbee Bicycle Brothel" teeshirts.If you have any special size requests for Ken contact him A.S.A.P. like Monday a.m. I'm hoping some of us can take in the sights at the LIGHTFOOT Restaurant in historic Leesburg,it was built in 1888 and had a no expense spared remodeling in 1997 -1999.The "Lightfoot Restaurant" has a wonderful vintage poster collection and the food is great in my opinion. Where does the time go........on a side night the name,"Lightfoot" is a reference to an old line Virginia family with roots in England see this website for a local history lesson: and for Francis Lightfoot Lee see : Safe riding and traveling ! Yours truly, Marty Walsh in Vienna,Virginia,United States of America (25 miles to the east of Leesburg,Virginia)