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I appreciate you taking the time to cover this important detail, and to provide such accurate measurements. In the interest of doing it even more right, have a few follow-up questions:

Don't French and Italian corks work equally well on either side of a handlebar? I thought they were only different diameter. I know you have to be careful with Swiss corks to make sure they go in the correct side. Luckily I have the correct tool for them: a Swiss knife with the built-in bar end remover.

What is the correction factor for centering the screw into the larger Italian corks?

I also noted no mention of English corks. Perhaps you would be so kind to cover that in a follow-up, or persuade one of your friends across La Manche to do so.

Thanks, however, for no mention of the new screw-on or synthetic abominations found on many new bicycle handlebars.

Greg Reiche CyclArt Vista, CA USA

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Well, it's been a litle while since I made a positive, usful contribution t o the list, so I'd like to point you to an article I have written on bar en ds, or plugs, call them what you will. This often neglected little detail s poils many an otherwise perfect restoration, so getting it right is importa nt.

The article is at

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