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Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2008 22:30:29 -0500

Personally I'd stay away from using any of those automotive tire preserving products when it comes to bike tires. We used the big name "protectant" for years on show cars only to find out it did more harm than good. It dried stuff out and caused premature cracking. There are better tire protectants on the market now, but I couldn't bear to use them on our relatively tiny bike tires. I'm afraid they'd shrivel up & die!

Mark Winkelman
Dallas, Texas USA

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Subject: [CR]Re: Preserving Vintage Tires

> In auto shops I see various products that claim to revitalize and preserve
> auto tires. Would these be safe for bike tires?
> I personally have been keeping the removed tires from a 1930s Schwinn "in
> shape" by stuffing them with acid free paper to maintain their shape and
> then having them hang from a wooden hook that does not actually touch the
> rubber.
> C.J. Scheiner
> Brooklyn, NY USA
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> Subject: [CR]Preserving Vintage Tires
> Hello,
> Just looking for a reliable way to preserve and store vintage tires. I
> bought some Saturae rims that came with some really nice Specialized
> Gumwall
> Turbos. I would give the tires a usage rating of under 10% as they still
> have some of the little rubber pieces sticking up on the side of the
> tires.
> Anyways I will use these tires for exhibition/photo shoots only for my
> Early
> Allez and want to keep them from drying out and cracking. Any good ideas?
> Rob Weiser
> Miami, Florida USA