[CR]A Bisbee Bicycle Brothel Tee Shirt Story

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Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2008 19:56:30 -0400
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Subject: [CR]A Bisbee Bicycle Brothel Tee Shirt Story

Hey gang, how much trouble can a little ol tee-shirt get you into? Here is my story.

While at Cirque, I purchased one of Ken's tee shirt, packed it away figuring that I could wear it next week (after business hours) in Las Vegas at my industry's professional development conference. Since that week was our 30th wedding anniversary, I took my wife to Vegas with her understanding that she was on her own during the day while I attended the trade show.

One night after business hours, My wife and I went down to the Hilton's concierge desk to arrange dinner and a show for that evening. The lady at the Concierge desk noticed my Bisbee Bicycle Brothel tee-shirt and focused in on the word "Brothel" since Brothel's are legal in certain counties in Nevada.

Without noticing my wife standing nearby, she asked me if I was the gentleman that the Concierge Desk had booked time at the local Brothel. In a flash, Robin turns around and says to the lady, " you better not have, his ass is supposed to be across the street in that convention center.

The Concierge was a bit embarrassed and so I then told her about Ken's shop and its history. She then booked us into a nice restaurant and a show.

Great service at The Hilton-The customer always comes first.

Vintage content? Still married since 1978 and within timeline.

Mike Schmidt
Stirling, NJ