[CR]Re:Old Brits bits for sale

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From: Crumpy6204@aol.com
Date: Sat, 28 Jun 2008 15:41:15 EDT
To: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org
Subject: [CR]Re:Old Brits bits for sale

1952 Maes 15" ctc Alloy bars $25.00 15" alloy bars ctc Rare engraved one side Primo extra, other side Giro Disicilia map showing Palermo,Messina $35.00 GB Stem 4" with allen key binder bolt $35.00 SR? 2 12" alloy stem $30.00 Think was made for Raleigh. Lucifer Baby 800 dynamo with wire and rear red light $50.00 Stronglight 49d cranks English pedal thread, 170s Marked Deposee with bolts caps and spindleSCM 85-d. $45.00. Stronglight 49d Right side crank ONLY Marque Deposee 170 9/16 thread. $30.00 Stronglight 49d double ring set 52x 40 $40.00 Stronglight 49d Double ring set 52-42 $40.00 Stronglight 49d inner ring 40 th $15.00 TA ring set 49d 50x45 $45.00 TA inner ring NOS 42 $25.00 Solido Steel cottered crank set $25.00 Lyotard Berthet pedals 50s $45.00 Lyotard Berthet pedals 60-70s $35.00 TA handlebar mount Chrome with white plastic top etc no clips $35.00 Much older TA Handlebar mount bottle cage $45.00 Campag REAL old Alloy and chrome rear hub 40 HOLE! NO quick release chrome not good VERY old Camapg logo $50.00 Campag 32 hole front hub one piece alloy 60-70s hub $35.00 Pair of wheels Alloy rims 36 hole Wolber Gentleman GTA rims, built on Brampton chrome large flange front hub, S/A five speed BLOCK hub large flange chrome hub. $100.00 the pair OR WILL TAKE APART $35.00 each for the two hubs and rims. ALL prices PLUS shipping. NOW If you want to make some dough on Ebay I will sell the lot for $500.00 plus shipping HECK OF A DEAL. (I TAKE PAINPAY) Cheers John Crump OldtheygottagoorIdoBrit. Parker.Co USA

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