Re: [CR]Italian BB in English BB shell, can it be done?

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Subject: Re: [CR]Italian BB in English BB shell, can it be done?
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2008 13:10:31 -0800

We have repaired stripped out English thread frames to Italian size more than once. Critical is to see how thick the BB shell is and how/who the bike is to be ridden. For hard racing/riding if the wall is too thin, then the BB housing could crack. You can do one side or both, because the size is different enough in size not to interfere with the thread from R or L. If you use the same model cup then it makes no diff to the spindle what thread it is, and the Campag cups are marked so only someone with little or no experience should have a problem when taking apart sometime. The caveat is to have someone who has a feel and is a qualified mechanic/craftsmen do it. with GOOD tools. Saves from replacing the entire BB in a frame not to mention the financial
Ted Ernst
Palos Verdes Estates

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Subject: Re: [CR]Italian BB in English BB shell, can it be done?

> At 08:00 PM 22/02/2008 +0000, Richard Robinson wrote:
>>Can you use an Italian threaded
>>Campagnolo BB cups with an English threaded BB shell?
> Italian threads are 36 mm x 24 tpi, RH both sides. English are 1.370" x 24
> tpi, LH on the drive side and RH on the left. 1.370" is 34.798 mm, so the
> left side can be easily tapped out to Italian. Tapping out the right side
> to a RH thread would be messier. In theory it's possible and you may have
> to Loctite the Italian cup in place and leave a surprise for the next
> owner. It would be interesting to hear if someone has successfully done
> this.
> Also, Italian BBs are 70 mm wide and English are 68 mm, so if you're using
> the Italian spindle, the LH cup will stick out 2 mm beyone the lockring.
> This would be an iffy way to cheap out just because you already have an
> Italian BB and don't want to buy an English one and would cost more in the
> long run if you don't have the tools and skills to do it yourself. A much
> neater and easier solution would be to find an English BB.
> John Betmanis
> Woodstock, Ontario
> Canada