Re: [CR]Ebay ethics, last minute bidding, sniping etc....

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Date: Sat, 23 Feb 2008 14:59:42 -0800 (PST)
From: Derek Willburn <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Ebay ethics, last minute bidding, sniping etc....
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Sniping has nothing to do with it. If you get beaten on ebay, it's because someone else was willing to pay more than you -pretty simple. Derek Willburn Long Beach, CA USA

--- Bianca Pratorius wrote:

> After losing three auctions in a row, being outbid

\r?\n> in the last five

\r?\n> seconds each time, I've had it. I joined the crowd

\r?\n> but I must say, I

\r?\n> really don't like it. Ebay has changed so much over

\r?\n> the last two years.

\r?\n> About that time, I noticed that people would bid up

\r?\n> the item mostly

\r?\n> during the last hour. The next year it seemed that

\r?\n> items were getting

\r?\n> bid up during the last fifteen minutes. This year

\r?\n> it's gotten worse -

\r?\n> much worse. Even newbies to ebay are using special

\r?\n> software which

\r?\n> enables them to get an advantage over guys that

\r?\n> played by the rules

\r?\n> (like me). Today I became an card carrying sniper.

\r?\n> My bids will be

\r?\n> placed electronically and it will be my guy's

\r?\n> computer software against

\r?\n> theirs. So what's changed? Nothing, we just upped

\r?\n> the ante like

\r?\n> countries building up nuclear arsenals to combat the

\r?\n> other guy's

\r?\n> arsenals. And by the way this business about late

\r?\n> winter being the

\r?\n> season where people buy items to get ready for

\r?\n> spring therefore the

\r?\n> prices rise. They do, but my experience is that they

\r?\n> don't go down

\r?\n> again. They just rise. Bah! $800 for a cracked

\r?\n> (possibly irreparably)

\r?\n> seat lugged Masi 3V with Dura Ace? Thank goodness

\r?\n> there are list

\r?\n> members like Charles Nighbor who are still willing

\r?\n> to give a guy a good

\r?\n> deal on an old bike. Thanks to him but I'm ready to

\r?\n> give up on ebay ...

\r?\n> until I need something badly ... again.


\r?\n> Garth Libre in Miami Fl USA