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Subject: RE: [CR]Looking for ASC experiences and advice
Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 20:35:32 +0000
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I found track stands with the ASC difficult because of the backlash and sto pped trying with that setup. As far as backpedaling on downhills that seem ed to work fine. I did find that I had to hold the trigger in the low gear setting while climbing hills. Not a big deal but necessary to keep the th ing from jumping out of gear while not losing the adjustment for my high ge ar. Perhaps there were other ways to solve that problem but I was never en lightened on the matter. All in all, I enjoyed riding the ASC hub.

Paul Patzkowsky Longmont, Colorado> Date: Fri, 29 Feb 2008 10:33:16 -0800> From: adam@onetw> To:> Subject: [CR]Looking for
   ASC experiences and advice> > Hello CR!> > I'm picking up a Sturmey Archer
   ASC wheel later today for my Carlton Flyer> project, and wanted to solicit
   the lists input on what its like dealing and> riding with these hubs. I am
   picking up a proper ASC trigger, so I do not> need to worry about modifyin g a 4 speed. I am more curious to people's> experience riding them, and how
   they hold up to use and compare to riding a> standard fixed wheel. I have been riding fixed for several years, and am> very comfortable with it. Can the ASC hold up to back pedaling/resisting> while decending hills or taperi ng speed? I will have front and rear brakes,> but would I be a fool to init iate a skid with the ASC? Will I notice the> hub while track standing? Etc,
   etc., I have read Hillary Stone's article> on classic lightweights and she ldons page on the asc already.> > Eitherway, I am very excited to try it al l out, as I have wanted one of> these hubs ever since I first heard of them
   when I initially getting> interested in older bicycles and equipment.> > B est,> > Adam Schwarcz> San Francisco, CA> -- > m> > > --- StripMime Report -- processed MIME parts ---> multipart/alternat ive> text/plain (text body -- kept)> text/html> ---> ______________________