[CR]RE: In memorium Sheldon Brown

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From: "Peter Weigle" <jpweigle@sbcglobal.net>
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Subject: [CR]RE: In memorium Sheldon Brown
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2008 17:15:36 -0500

>Sheldon received the Classic Rendezvous Vintage Bicycle Award a few years
>ago, I believe 2005. On the way to the car after the banquet, he fell
>carrying the trophy. Tailwinds my friend. Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

Lou and all, It was 2005, Sheldon rode to and from the banquet with john, Richard and myself. On the way out to the car while carrying his trophy Sheldon stepped off the curb, and we thought caught his sandle on the cars tire as he went past it, he went down hard! We helped him get up,, he was still holding onto his trophy which had a base with the awards inscription written on it, and a chainring sticking up for decoration.

He was shaken, had cut himself a little, but said he was alright. We got into the car, all feeling bad for him and he was embarresed. There was an akward silence,,, I broke the ice with hey, its a bio-pace chain ring trophy now! Sheldon laughed, so we knew we could to, and drove off towards the Battle Ground. He was a good sport, and as Lou said, probably knew it was more than just tripping on his sandal but he never mentioned it to us. Thats how I will remember Sheldon, clutching his trophy, which he so rightly deserved.

peter weigle
lyme, ct.