[CR]In Memoriam Sheldon Brown

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Date: Mon, 04 Feb 2008 18:31:02 -0600 (CST)
From: Mikey Schmidt <mdschmidt56@verizon.net>
Subject: [CR]In Memoriam Sheldon Brown
To: G L Romeu <romeug@comcast.net>
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After 6.5 hours in the air, I just stepped off the plane at LAX and checked my BlackBerry only to find sad news of Sheldon Brown's untimely passing. I met Sheldon only twice; once at Cirque and most recently at Larz Anderson . He was one cool dude with an amazing personality. This weekend at NAHBS , I will hoist a glass of wine in his honor amongst the other CR members.

Long live the memory of Captain Bike.
>From Bakersfield, CA

Mike Schmidt Stirling, NJ

From: G L Romeu <romeug@comcast.net> Date: 2008/02/04 Mon PM 05:15:30 CST Cc: classicrendezvous@bikelist.org Subject: Re: [CR]In Memoriam Sheldon Brown

without question, I have never seen such a response on every bicycle list to Sheldon Brown's passing, with much justification. Rita and I were lucky enough to me him at Harris last year, and I have been fortunate to have learned much from his general posts and personal email correspondence.

I am hesitant of claiming anyone of being a legend in their own time, but Sheldon has certainly approached that status most deservedly.

as with those that devote their time to teaching, Sheldon Brown's legacy is assured...gabriel romeu in chesterfiel nj usa
> "This came over a few of the Boston area lists today:
> Sheldon's wife Harriet sent out mail this morning saying that Sheldon
> Brown died of a massive heart attack last night.
> He knew more about bicycles than anyone else I know, as was always
> happy to share what he knew.
> http://www.sheldonbrown.com/

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