Re: [CR]Apologies for false rare Campy part

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Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2008 10:39:27 +1300
From: Wayne Davidson <>
To: Jerome & Elizabeth Moos <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Apologies for false rare Campy part
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cc: Bianca Pratorius <>
cc: Bianca Pratorius

Hi all, I bought a set of the Shimano ONE KEY RELEASE bolts etc, they worked great, yes they were all RH thread...........regards wayne davidson Invers NZ.........

Jerome & Elizabeth Moos wrote:
> C-Record and Victory had self-extracting cranks which had a colllar threaded into the crankarm and an allen head crank bolt. When you backed out the bolt, it pulled the crankarm out with it. Campy felt it necessary to use left-hand thread to prevent unscrewing the collar rather than pulling the crankarm. You can install and remove the arms without the special bolt and collar, but you have to have a Campy left hand crank extractor. I'm pretty sure the Triomphe, although otherwise nearly identical to Victory, did not use the "self-extracting" system and therefore did not have left-hand thread. IIRC, Shimano made some similar self-extracting cranks in about the same era, but I do not believe they used left-hand thread.
> Regards,
> Jerry Moos
> Big Spring, TX
> Bianca Pratorius <> wrote:
> For the record, I am now not reporting a Campy Record Crank with a rare
> dust cap threading. The one I thought was different turned out, as some
> might have expected, to have marred threads that once cleaned up,
> turned out to be standard threading. My posting from Thursday, should
> not be construed to be a sighting of any rare Campy birds. All Record
> cranks have normal threading. Victory and Triomphe and C-Record have
> left threading ... buy why on earth would they?
> Garth Libre in Miami Fl USA