[CR]2009 NAHBS

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Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 19:28:32 -0500
From: Michael Schmidt <mdschmidt56@verizon.net>
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Subject: [CR]2009 NAHBS

I was pretty stunned when DW announced Indy as the location but DW now lives there. My guess was Pittsburgh, Penna. The thing is, to do a trade show in Indy or any other cold weather city in the winter is risky and weather aside, Indy is expensive to fly into.

Don't read too much into this, but I have a hunch the final chapter has not been written on this.

Mike Schmidt Stirling, NJ USA

On 2/11/08 7:20 PM, "David Ross" <dlr94306@yahoo.com> wrote:
> But wait ... isn't Indy *on* the east coast?
> Dave Ross
> Portola "a long way from Indy" Valley
> California, USA
> Bill Talbot wrote:
> CRers,
> Now that the NAHBS is behind us...and we're still annoyed that next
> year is
> in INDY.
> What happened to the EAST COAST????