[CR]Was: NAHBS or Less is More. Now: What is "Lightweight"?

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<< Dale Can you put the word LIGHTWEIGHT >>

Thanks Jack for prompting me to comment on this...

The term "Lightweight" has been used in the world of bicycles for a long time.

Rather than specifically referring to the actual weight of the unit (although it has some bearing) "Lightweight" has been more used as a broad category to distinguish between "Heavyweights" or Balloon tired cruisers with 2"+ fat tires, "Middleweights" (26 x 1.75 tires & thereabouts) and "Lightweight" bikes with smaller 26 1 3/8"/650A tires and skinnier. As can be immediately seen by this definition, it would include upright handle bar "roadsters" and hub gear sport bikes which are perhaps not that light, especially when compared to modern stuff.

But as a broad category, these "lightweights" are significantly better to ride than the Heavy or Midweights!


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Well after gleening thru the stacks of pics of the Portland show I was left straching my head asking a lot of questions. One: Where is all this headed?

Two: I thought Dale's Website insued that bikes were to be lightweight.

Three: With all the racks etc how many of us old farts want to cruise down to your local store or starbux buy several loafs of bread just to bring them home on titanium frames with a bunch of "goop" all over them.

I agree with one of the other listers, this was like a Haut Coutier Paris fashion show. Nice to look at but who's your aduience. Don't get me wrong I love Titanium as much as the other guy. I even own a Seven with about half the "doo dads" on it.

I guess the older I get the less weight I want to push around, god knows My old body has enough "doo dads" on it I don't need em on my frame.

As Marie said..."Let them eat Titanium"

Dale Can you put the word LIGHTWEIGHT

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