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Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2008 14:50:43 -0500

Well, David, I've already shown them how to get a start on this stuff, and they know about these bikes:


These bikes are both outstanding just as they are, and it wouldn't take very much to bring a production model to near perfection. Trek could take these models and tweak them out in a nuovo-retro way and have some very nice randonneuring machines.

Pardon the off-topic nature of this post, I don't normally pollute the Classic list with this stuff, but I couldn't resist ;-) Sorry Dale, it won't happen again...

Ed Braley
Falmouth, Maine

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> What if, just as at car shows, a lot of "concept" and "prototype" ideas turn into big bike co's production models in a year or two? I can see it now--an al/carb Trek 650b randonneur with Bontrager-branded centerpulls on intergal pivots and Honjo-knockoff fenders--and a Lemond 700c randonneur similarly equipped, both with appropriate chainstay length for triple ring, too-many-cogs drive trains, maxed out tire clearance, light wiring tubes and rack mounts molded into the carbon fork and rear wishbone...........................................
> Hey, you never know.
> David Feldman
> Vancouver, WA
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> Here's my 2 cents worth,,,
> There were a lot of wild and crazy bikes at the show,,
> There were also many well engineered, well excecuted and aesthetically
> pleasing examples of the craft represented.
> Real bikes to be ridden by real people.
> Maybe you had to be there to have this perspective.
> Was great to see so many of you there and to have breakfast with Dale and
> the gang.
> Peter Weigle& Kendall
> Lyme Ct.