RE: [CR] A note of thanks or not

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From: Marie VanRemortel <>
To: CR List <>
Subject: RE: [CR] A note of thanks or not
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 17:14:00 +0000


1) Thanks for that valuable "poll" of who supported your "off topic" postin g that soiled our list with your partisan political slant.

2) I think there are a few more than 1:6, but wow you are breaking more imp ortant news for us to DELETE... What a waste of our list.

3) Unwise for a business owner to alienate any portion of this cool hobby.

4) I rode today and enjoyed 75 degrees and a nice breeze.

5) I think Grand Bois tires are really swell and they look so darn period-c orrect...

Regards, Bruce VanRemortel Needham, MA, USA Sorry, I only post once a year but this thread (and his thanks to those who
   cheer him on) is not appropriate on the CR site.