Re: [CR]HKS Kettler early German alu aero frame (Shimano AX)

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From: "Richard Timm" <>
To: "Mark Fulton" <>, "Simon P-J" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]HKS Kettler early German alu aero frame (Shimano AX)
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 08:42:17 +0200

Hi Mark,

wouldn't buy this one as there is a lot of replacement parts on it:

Brake levers, wheels, crankset, pedals, saddle, stem and bar are not original. The bottle and the holder are missing, see my last post and compare the pictures to see, why you shouldn't buy one of this aero Kettler bikes without bottleholder (shifting cables guide!).

Just wait a few weeks, they are not rare on ebay Germany. Have seen a complete one sold for 60 Euros a few weeks ago (bad picture, wrong category, no relevant keywords). The name of the model was "Strato" by the way . Also the decals are missing on this one.

And yes, it is definitely a bike for racing and will do a good ride as it is stiff and the paint is extremely durable- epoxy. It is an eyecatcher if used in Germany but in USA it may be much more interesting as it's rare in the states I guess.

best regards, Richard Timm

Hamburg Germany
> That's the first one I've ever seen. I like it, short wheelbase,
> steep head angle, let's go racin' boys!